Goals of the association:

To help promote and elevate custom cue building as a true form of collectible art as well as a precision sports instrument.

For our members to strive to be reliable, honest, quality craftsmen and conduct themselves in such a way that consumers expect a product from an ICA member to be of high standards and craftsmanship.

To have members who strive to give the customer good value for their money and treat the suppliers well also.

To help provide a forum for the cuemakers to get exposure and business that would be harder for them to obtain alone.

To encourage all members to excel in their craft and offer assistance among our members in helping each other achieve this goal.

To maintain the largest membership of quality cuemakers of any association and and pass on that cooperative influence and buying power to our members.

Membership in the ICA is “A Commitment to Excellence!”

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Some of the benefits to our members are:

The recognition, credibility, prestige and exposure that belonging to this association of quality craftsmen affords.

Members will receive a nice certificate of membership to be displayed in their place of business. They will also be allowed to use the ICA name or logo on any promotional materials for their business.

Each member will have a listing on our ICA website with links to their website and their full contact information, which should create more traffic to their site and business.

The wealth of knowledge that can be shared among the members in a Members Only Forum. These posting sites will be limited to cue building techniques and not for gossiping or criticizing other cuemakers or their workmanship, etc.. Only members can post or read the content. This will especially be a great benefit to the Apprentice Members and other lower level cuemakers, as they can ask questions from the more experienced.

The ability to negotiate volume discounted co-operative purchases of cue building materials, trade show booths, etc…

The membership fees could easily be regained on one or two cooperative discount purchases. And participation in the members only cuemaking forum could save you thousands of dollars by the information gained from others.

Regional shows in conjunction with tournaments to display their cues with minimal booth expense.

To receive discount offers that will be made only to our members from some of the major suppliers from time to time. Some member companies will offer continual discounts on some items.

To receive news tips and updates on the cuemaking industry.

There is an ICA Hall of Fame that will include some of the great cuemakers from the past and present.

Members will have the right to nominate and vote on new inductees into the hall of fame each year.

There will be regional directors that will oversee regional shows in conjunction with league and tournament events. The day to day business of the association will be coordinated and voted on by the regional directors. Other issues will be voted on from time to time by the general membership. All members must maintain a current email address or they will not be able to receive news letters or vote on any issues.


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