Welcome to the International Cuemakers Association’s Official Website.

We are a cooperative association of cue makers from the USA and other parts of the world with the goal of promoting custom cue making as a true form of collectible art, as well as a precision sports instrument. Our founders saw the need for a cooperative organization for quality cue makers of all level cues, that charges reasonable membership fees and offers the members some really great benefits.

The ICA recognizes that quality is of the utmost importance to the consumer and that the quality of an entrance level cue is just as important as the quality of an expensive collectors grade cue. We also realize there are quality cue makers living in foreign countries as well as the US. Some of them are US citizens living overseas, while others are native to the country. We welcome and invite their membership also.

The ICA has made note that there are many snooker and carom billiard players in the USA that do not have easy access to quality carom billiard and snooker cues. There are some very fine European and other international cuemakers that specialize in those types of cues and we welcome them to join as well.

On our Members Page, you’ll find contact information for each member, along with web site address, if applicable. Included with the members contact information will be an assigned title to each member. Those titles are Cuemaker, Cue Manufacturer, Cue-Repairman, Apprentice, Supplier/Merchant and Associate. In our Cue Gallery you will find cues of five different grade levels. This is not a quality level, but a level of achievement in artistic design and/or complexity according to the opinion of the ICA. Some cuemakers choose to build only conversion cues and simple non inlaid style cues. These are examples of a level one cue. Others choose to build very exotic inlayed cues. These might be a level four or five cue. The grade levels serve only as a guide to help the customer and cuemaker be on the same page when discussing building a certain level cue for them. This allows the customer to ask the cuemaker for examples of the level cue they are looking for. This rating system should make things easier for everyone.

There is also a Hall of Fame that honors some of the great cuemakers from the past and present.

We also have a private Members Only Cuemakers Forum where we share information, buy, sell and trade with each other.

Please take a look around our site and if you have questions or are interested in becoming a member, please feel free to contact us.

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