Upcoming Events:
March 28th – March 31st, 2019

Located at the:
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
Oaks, Pennsylvania

We have reserved a block of booths all together and a few spread out elsewhere. We are in a great location at the show, so let’s meet in the new larger expo location, have some fun, play some pool, buy and sell some cues! Below is a list of the ICA members who have committed to space.

Bell Forest Products

Cohen Cues
Cue Man Billiard Products
Hightower Custom Cues
International Cuemakers Association
Joss Cues
Lomax Custom Cues and Repairs

Meucci Cues
McDermott Cue
Rocket Cues

2019 Cuemakers International 9 Ball Championship

Charity Benefit Tournament
March 28th – March 30th 2019

Open to all active recognized Cuemakers.

 Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Oaks, Pennsylvania

$50 Donation Entry Fee

Race to Seven

Single elimination

Express 9 Ball rules

9 Ball does not count on break.

Alternate breaks.

All matches will be scheduled so those attending or exhibiting at the Expo will know what time to be there for the match. Tournament chart will be put up in the ICA booths tournament location at 11:15am Thursday. 1st round match is around 11:30. Everyone should play once Thursday.

All entry fees and donations will go to benefit the Galilean Children’s Home.

They are located in Liberty, Kentucky and have provided help to thousands of disabled children from around the world over the last few decades.

There will be a nice trophy for the International 9-Ball Champion of Cuemakers and runner up.

In addition to the trophies first and second place will receive a cue building materials package.

Everyone else will get some sample product prizes once eliminated from the tournament. The minimum product prize will have a retail value of $30. So every player will win something and you get to help a great cause.

To qualify to play in this tournament you must be an active recognized Cuemaker. If you are currently building cues and are listed in the printed Blue Book of Pool Cues or are a Cuemaker member of the ACA or ICA you qualify. Others will be considered on a case by case basis. If you are not in the printed Blue Book of Pool Cues or an ACA or ICA cuemaker member contact us right away to assure qualification.

Sponsors so far are Cue Man Billiard Products, the International Cuemakers Association, Dennis Dieckman, Mad Man Tips and Ultra Skin Tips. This tournament is limited to the first 32 Cuemakers who sign up.

Entry fee donations need to be made out to the Galilean Children’s Home and mailed to�

444 Flint Hill Road

Aragon, GA 30104 USA

Contact Chris Hightower 770-684-7004 or cueman@cuesmith.com for more info.

If you pre qualify with us you can donate directly to the childrens home on their website.

Email us for a link

Second Annual InsidePool.TV ICA Cue Makers Contest

Announcing the InsidePool.TV ICA CueMakers Contest Sanctioned by the International Cue Makers Association. This Live TV Show format has several exciting features that will explore and broadcast the artistic and technical elements of the cue business throughout the year with the Live TV Show Finale in the fall of 2019 where the judges and public fans will vote for their favorite cues. Watch as the story develops on www.insidepool.tv and the Billiard Channel.


1: First Category (Traditional Points Masters) Cues with Traditional points that are V-Groove, full splices, or other points that look similar.

2: Second Category (Butterfly Points Masters) Cues with the rounded points that are often called butterflies.

The butterfly and traditional point cues can have additional inlay work or no inlay work.

3: Third Category (Artistic Inlays Masters) Inlaid cues without traditional points that have extensive inlay work.

4: The ICA leadership will decide which category the cues belong into. Each cuemaker can enter up to one cue into each category. (No decal cues allowed)

5: Quality film of the cues will be filmed at the Super Billiards Expo in March 2019 at booth 472. The cuemakers retain ownership of their cues. Inside Pool TV retains all rights to the film of the cues or cuemakers interviews.

6: Everyone submitting a cue to be filmed must be a member of the International Cuemakers Association.

7: Entering a cue in the contest does not entitle the cuemaker to any royalties or ownership in the final televised or DVD production.

8: The exposure that the ICA and members get is all we expect to get in return for submitting cues for the contest.

9: Inside pool will establish the rules for voting on the cues at a later date and voting will probably be done mostly by participants in their other live events. Some judging may be done by a panel of judges on the show also.

10: Cues will be filmed without any logos shown in order to allow the cue to stand on it’s own merits and not brand name. The brand name of the top three cues from each category will be revealed to the public in the final episodes.

If you want to enter a cue bring it to the ICA booth at the expo. This should generate a lot of exposure for cuemaking and our association.